Saturday, October 18, 2014

Vintage Halloween Decorations and Creations

My FAVORITE season is finally arriving, and I have pulled down all the boxes of folk art pretties:

From Bethany Lowe's company - Nicole Sayer
A vintage thrift-shop frame with a vintage reprint.

Some things I have made:
A closeup of my banner

Love this decoration designed by my friend Heidi
A carton I m ade for Halloween treats

This is my favorite time of year to decorate:

The sideboard in our entry
A fun way to celebrate and remember my child's Halloween celebrations through the years. (Gonna find some more pictures!)

My inexpensive way to decorate--put a Dollar Tree creepy portrait in a thrift shop frame:


Did you know you can paint a leather boot with regular acrylic paint? That was an experiment that worked well! A black and white gingham ribbon completed my witch's boot.  I made the "Boo" blocks several years ago, and they are still some of my favorite decorations. I have pictures of my great aunt and uncle on them. I suppose it's a Scots-Irish version of Dia de los Muertos! lol!

The Tom and Jerry set below were actually made for a Christmas drink, but I think this orange lusterware version is perfect for  Halloween!

 All the decorating and creating and photographing have kept me pretty busy these past few weeks. Stay tuned for an anthropologie-inspired decoration coming soon!


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