Sunday, April 21, 2013

The People Who Love You and Vintage View Link Party

Often unfair.
Filled with unpleasant surprises of things you never thought would happen.
I'm not speaking of tragedy, but difficulty.
I think most of us don't experience tragedy--like those that have occurred recently,
but I know we all have difficulties--sometimes every day.

Some are self-imposed  from injudicious decisions, and
 some brought on in the process of living with and loving people. 
People who make mistakes, get sick, grow old, have hurts... 
Or people who are just downright hateful, vengeful, or manipulative.

I had a particularly stressful week this week, and someone who is becoming dear to me said 

"go and be with the people who love you."

And it made me think long and hard about who those people really are...
And who those people have been and are becoming.

There's my sweet mother, who taught me to sew with excellence.  
I found these vintage 50's napkins which so reminded me of the ones she
taught me to make. (We never used paper.):

(These will go to 
my heart sister, Christel
who just started wanting cloth napkins and has dining room walls this color.)

There was my mother's mother, my Mamaw, 
who was a poor, Appalachian farm wife, mother of 11,
with a crooked stoop in her back but always a soft voice and a smile for me.
Who wore aprons full of wood clothespins like this one:

And this one:

The fabrics repurposed from feed sacks:

And my Grandmother Gwen, my "city" grandma
who wore elegant beaded jewelry like this:

And my dear, sweet, brilliant son, 
who loves caps like this one in black and white wool herringbone:

Can't you just see how this hat fits him?  :-)

And a special 12-year old 
who loves all things vintage and is my thrifting buddy.
She found these bottles of glitter for me. For fifty cents each, I had to have them:

I kept finding these items in my thrifting yesterday, and I wondered--
Am I buying memories?
I think it was just God's way of reminding me through everyday things
that I have been and am loved.

As I reflect, there are so many others--my mother-in-law, my cousins,
my sisters-in-law, so many friends--
too many to name..
what a blessing!

We are investing ourselves in each other's lives, 
with all the joy, all the pain, and all the difficulty.

 I love them, and they love me.
 That lightens the load.

So if you are having a difficult day or week, write an e-mail, make a phone call,
 drop in and pay a visit, or just reflect on memories:

Go and be with the ones who love you.

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Vintage View Sunday Link Party

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Making Vintage Jewelry

Such a random kinda week for me.  Got my hair colored for the first time to cover a few grays
sprouting up in the front. I love it!  A demi-glaze (I think that's what it's called)
that makes it look a lot richer and shinier.  And then instead of making cards for friends,
doing laundry, putting away my Easter decorations (or taking down my Christmas tree!!!!!!!
Yikes!!!!! Can't believe I admitted that) I started making jewelry--and a really big mess!

With a vintage pendant and various vintage chains that I picked up at thrift shops and
 a yard sale, I put together this necklace:

I wire wrapped freshwater pearls and linked them with gold chain pieces to 
layer with this and other necklaces.

(Do you like my model?  It's a French guy, so I decided he is Joan of Arc for this shoot!)  :-)

And then I had to have earrings to go with it:

The pair on the right was made with leftover parts of the necklace chain.
The pair on the left was actually two pairs of vintage earrings that I combined.
 I added the pearl and bead cap on the crystal piece, and it looks like I'll have to replace a pearl that somehow came out during my trek from the powder room to the photo area!  :-(

While I was at it, I decided to add some additional charms to my sterling and topaz pendant
to bring it more into fashion with the bigger necklaces we're all wearing.
(Lucky that I had blue topaz and sterling charms in my drawer!)

With a medallion from Michael's, I upcycled an off-the-rack necklace from a local store:

and made earrings to go with it:

I wire-wrapped these Austrian crystal beads and added a heavy sterling clasp to make this bracelet:

I've made and redone quite a few other pieces--
I've probably taken apart half of my jewelry so far, which I do about every 10 years or so
--and I'm just dying to take the wire cutters, Dremel, and jewelry pliers to the rest!
Hubby made me promise to clean up before doing anymore.

So off to vacuum and put things away!

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