Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Memories of Home

The last three years have been packed full of work and challenges. In addition to full-time job, I tutored dyslexic students after work a couple of nights a week and also pursued a second degree in communicative disorders. I had very little time to pursue my creative passions. By December of last year, my husband was in touch with a company that had an opening for a composer/sound designer. After years of being self-employed, he was ready for a change, and on the morning of New Year's Eve, the on-site interviews were being planned. By mid January, he had been hired, and he moved to Reno in February. I stayed in our California house to finish my degree, let our son find a place to live, and tie up the loose ends of life. What I hadn't planned on was doing a cosmetic remodel of our house to get it ready to be leased, which I headed and worked on. Finally after 8 long months apart, I moved to Reno with my husband just before Halloween a few weeks ago. With newfound time to relax and restore, my creativity has now found release. All those things I've saved, packed, and moved are becoming new creations! Here is one of them.

Notice that it says "Reuse this package." I really took that to heart!
The front of the box has a window and cellophane. I pulled out my stamps from 
Character Constructions and went to town:
I love the thoughts on back of the box. For me, creating is play.
"Follow your own path."
"To find your creativity, allow yourself to think like you did as a child."

Here is the finished result--a shaker box that can be put on a tree or placed in a Christmas setting.
The advent house and deer are stamps from Character Constructions' Vintage Christmas collection. I'm so happy that I overlooked comments of "hoarder" and saved this box!

Are you a box recreator?


Mary said...

Not in the "normal" sense, Laura! Only when it relates to possible crafty items! Your box is adorable. I am so glad your blog is up and running!
Your new reindeer ppd with the pompom (my name) dress is sooo Christmasy.
I was a SLP in my other life!

Mary in Oregon

Laura said...

Hi Mary,
So sweet of you to stop by and leave a note. I love that you were an SLP. My mom was, and I am hoping to get into the grad program here at University of Nevada, Reno--after I rest for a season!

I hope you are having a pleasant start to the holiday season!

Jackie PN said...

Wow Laura!! This is absolutely stunning!!
Never let that hoarder word get in the way of your creativity! teehee I mean just look at this fab piece you created by saving and recycling!
Bravo and I look forward to what else may come from your released again muse!

ps thank you for you visits and lovely comments!

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