Monday, November 7, 2016

Christmas "Altoid" Tin

Hi friends! For the past 6 months I have been remodeling our house in Southern California and packing our belongings to move to Reno. It has been lonely, grueling work, and I am so happy to finally be finished and to be with my husband once again. When I arrived in Reno ten days ago, some new Christmas stamps from Character Constructions were waiting for me. I just had to take time out from unpacking to make something with them.

I stamped and colored the santa from plate 7 of Vintage Christmas and 
mounted him on a mint tin from Whole Foods.

Next I stamped and colored the car from plate 6 of Vintage Christmas and
added it to a chipboard box that I covered with Christmas paper.

Have you started making cards or crafting for Christmas?



Sophie said...

Super geworden, eine schöne Arbeit...

Herzlichst Sophie

Anonymous said...

Laura, Such a treat to view your festive creations. They are great fun, bringing a smile to my face.
Yes, I have made a start on Christmas cards but this year I will be making far less cards. I normally make them all but my health refuses to allow me to do so this year so have sadly had to buy most of the cards I will be sending out.

Laura said...

Danke schoen, Sophie!

Laura said...

These are pretty simple and so much fun to make, Lynne! Thanks for stopping by and leaving kind words. I am sorry you are going through health issues. Wishing you speedy healing, my friend!

Jackie PN said...

How wonderful and festive your creations are! I love how you have used your new stamps!
Glad to hear you are re united with your hubby and settling in!
Best wishes,Jackie

Laura said...

Thanks Jackie! I have had to recover from tendonitis in my right arm from all the construction work, so now that has improved, I am really enjoying releasing all that pent up creative energy!

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