Monday, September 15, 2014

Messin' Around with Bailey's Irish Cream Mugs

Life sure gets busy, doesn't it?
I haven't had a lot of "create" time or energy, but I still do mess around with my pretties. 
One of the pretties I've been in love with forever are the Bailey's Irish Cream face mugs.
I just LOVE these things!!!!!!
They're not the greatest to drink from, but I love to display them with a little 
something in the top. Remember these old red pincushions?

This one feels like me on most days... no lipstick and a pencil in my hair!

Everyone needs a partner, so I paired her with a blue pincushion that
 I made with a sweet calico cotton:

I love their flirty expressions. Romance in the air?

The whole display is in my kitchen, and it makes me smile to walk by and 
see them winking at me with their knowing smiles.

Do you have special pretties that bring a smile to your face?

(I will have Halloween and Christmas projects posted in the future.)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Tag Tuesday: Roses

It's just been far too long since I have posted. Life takes so many twists and turns, invites us to meet others, share joys, share sorrows, take on new challenges, and it seems to drag me along kicking and screaming sometimes. I certainly have missed so many of you; I hope I can make time to visit your blogs this weekend.

I have also missed out on a lot of Tag Tuesdays, but with Memorial Day over and Fourth of July around the corner, I got a little patriotic burr in my saddle!

I started with white card stock and spritzed a red ink and water mixture onto a stencil from Tim Holtz. Then I spritzed walnut ink to age it the paper. I stamped the rose in navy blue and colored with pencils. I really am happy with the patriotic, retro look of this tag! I will say though, it looks so much better in person!

I wish you all a good and blessed weekend.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tag Tuesday: Africa

Wow, this one just about threw me, but after thinking on it for a week, I remembered some Africa-themed, clearance-bin cards in my stash and set to work.  I wanted this to look like a postcard, so I trimmed the card to a tag size, stamped the back, aged it a bit,  and added a Cape of Good Hope stamped image:
To change up the front a bit, I added a piece of transparent paper tape from Tim Holtz, which looks like newsprint, another Cape of Good Hope stamp, and a heat embossed image in deep red:
For starting with such little inspiration, I'm really happy with the result. I hope your recent creative endeavors have been fun and fruitful!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tag Tuesday: Eggs

I am just barely keeping up these days, but hopefully I'll be "back in the blog" soon. For this tag, I combined the themes from last week and this week to make a "Fantastic and Strange" tag with an "Egg" in it!  I love to make these quirky paper dolls.  The woman's body is from Mad Rat Rubber, and the beehive is from Character Constructions. I stamped them, used watercolor pencils to give a nice tint of pastel color, and then trimmed. I finished with velvet ribbon and a piece of vintage tatting.

Wishing everyone a very blessed Easter!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tag Tuesday: School Days

I am so sorry, my friends, to have been a party pooper last weekend. Life has been a little crazy, but is leveling out a bit. I will be choosing some of your party posts to show on Sunday when the new party starts. 

Despite the craziness, I was finally able to finish a tag on time for Tag Tuesday for the School Days theme.  The wood grain stamp is from Stampin' Up, and it has become a go-to for me.  I stamped the girl on mixed-media paper, and then fussy cut and colored with water color pencils. The paper is very heavy card stock and has a flat surface made for water or emulsions. This is the first time I've used it, and I really like it!  
Thank you for looking. See you this weekend at the blog party!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Tag Tuesday: Keys and Locks

I'm so fortunate to have a very, very, creative thirteen-year old in my life. She always checks for the next Tag Tuesday theme and makes a tag alongside me. This week, I let her fly solo, and her tag was so darned cute and creative, it was good enough to stand on its own. Here is Montana's take on this week's theme:

Montana started with a black card stock tag. Would you believe that she just knew to rub orange and yellow chalk on it to make it appear rusted??? I would never have thought of that! I also love how she used a Tim Holtz pin for a keyhole! That kid is just soooooo creative!
When you open the door, here is the view inside:
I am so delighted to see the creative abandon that kids take with textures, color, and materials.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Projects and Inspired Sunday Blog Party

Hi everyone! It's officially Spring!  We have had Autumn-like temps here, a wonderful break from 80s and 90s, and the tiny bit of gardening instinct I had kicked into gear, along with some Spring cleaning and shopping and of course a tag for Tag Tuesday with the theme, Spring Flowers. This was quick to put together with Prima paper flowers, an antique pearl button, preprinted Bingo card and touches of ribbon, including the leaves which I cut from the ribbon.

All week long I've spent the last hour and a half of daylight working in my flower beds.  I can't believe how quickly weeds take over!  Once I had the two beds in the front yard cleaned out, I bought plants that grow well in a western garden from Home Depot. Today's project will be to plant and mulch.  Here's where I am right now:
I will cut open and plant in these bags of potting soil letting the plastic provide weed barrier. This idea came from the U U of Missouri, found on Pinterest.
I'm trying columbine this year. I love its color and delicate, weedy look.

Geraniums love this spot, require very little water, and grow like weeds!
This theme of Spring Flowers and new life was blooming in so many of your posts as well.

Newcomer, Meg, from My Vintage Life,  shared her lovely collection of floral bridal headpieces--making a comeback with our teenage flower child population in So Cal! lol! Meg also shares gorgeous vignettes of fresh flowers and the beautiful Australian countryside.  

Brittany, from the Rococo Roamer, shared a post about Victorian furniture, which I love, but what really struck me was her wedding photos! So befitting this theme as two lives two join together to embark on a new life together, and find beauty all around! (And so rockin' the red shoes!!!!)
Last of all, some inspirational words from Debby Ray at My Favorite Things to launch the season:

Have a wonderful week!  

Inspired Sunday Blog Party
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