Monday, February 13, 2012

My Birthday-- A BIG One!

I really hated this birthday-February 6.  I turneded 50, and the number is killing me!  For the first time in my life, I feel old.  I now understand why some women "stop" their age at a certain number.  For me it will be 49.  I think I can deal with that!  This birthday was made special by so many friends and acquaintances, not to forget my lovely mother and father-in-law and my wonderful sisters-in-law.  Looking back, it took 50 years to accumulate so many rich memories and to build so many deep and meaningful relationships.  Maybe 50 isn't so bad after all! 

Three of my dear friends took me to breakfast at the Moorpark Country Club on Saturday morning.  It was a quiet and beautiful morning and the food and company were exquisite.  My three friends are all "creatistas," and each one made something for me in their own unique styles.  What a treat!

                                            Antique book from Jean to commemorate our wonderful trip to my cousin Cathy's in Indiana, and a beautiful 3-d card from Lauree made out of Graphic 45 paper. 

Close up of Lauree's Graphic45 card!

Card from my in-laws and a gorgeous, glittery card from Lyn.  (We are glittergirls!)

Really neat bulletin board tray made by Jean.  Love the jeweled crown magnets!

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Christel said...

What wonderful and creative gifts for a wonderful and creative friend.