Saturday, March 14, 2015

Tin Can Crafting

It seems that as I create more, I become more creative.
Some days, everything I see morphs into something else. That makes it really
 hard to get rid of anything that can become something useful or pretty--
which is pretty much everything...
Does this happen to you????

Since last Thanksgiving, when I made a lot of Southern casseroles with
 canned things, like creamed soups, I have been saving tin cans.
Now this was driving my husband absolutely nuts, and it pretty much got down to, 
"If you don't get these out of the kitchen, I'm throwing them ALL away!"

Well since I had found this holder at Goodwill, which was the perfect size for my cans, 

I couldn't part with them.  So I picked a few of the most special ones to store, and humored him by throwing some away. (I also had to prove to myself that I wasn't a hoarder!)

My plan was to spray paint and then decoupage flowers on them, but that was more mess than I really wanted to deal with, so I just kept storing the cans. Then a couple of days ago, I 
found these paper-covered cans on Pinterest that I adored. I knew they would be quick to make and no mess! So I set to work with decorative paper and washi. I did spray one lid and glued a knob on. 

Wow! I am so happy with how they look in my holder:

This was SO quick, simple, and SO rewarding! Amy, of Four Corners Design, the originator of this craft made covered ones as gift containers. She added a little bit of shredded paper and nestled the gift inside. A little washi on either side would secure the lid. 

If you try this yourself, be sure to open the cans with a Pampered Chef can opener, which does not leave a sharp edge - pretty amazing actually.
Now off to make more!


Maureen Rauchfuss said...

Laura - that is really lovely - nice job!!

Cathy said...

Only you could take ordinary tin cans and make beautiful.

Tracy Watanabe said...

Laura, I absolutely love it!

Ornate Splendor said...

Super cute, Laura! (All of us creative people are guilty of keeping too many things that we'd like to make into something else! Ha ha!) You did it! Beautiful!

Lorraine said...

Amazing makeover!! The thrift store find was fabulous enough, but add what you did with the cans and you've done something fantastic!! Have a great week! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥