Friday, February 26, 2016

Winter Issue of The Stamper's Sampler

If you ever find yourself in a creative rut, try one of The Stamper's Samplers challenges, like their "tempting templates" or a theme or color challenge. I find that limiting the scope of possibility helps me focus and produce something much more quickly than if I have no constraints at all. Most recently I created some pieces for a bird challenge, which are published in the current issue, Winter 2016. The goal was general, any style of birds, and I added the additional constraint of keeping with a red and blue color scheme. The stamps are all from Character Constructions. The paper is from the French General. Does having a prompt or a  limitation help you create?



Anonymous said...

Each creation was brimming over with charm.

Erica said...

What beautiful creations! The cabinet with the birds is so clever.

bockel24 said...

absolutely wonderful pieces!

Mary said...

All of these lovely cards are so colorful and I am eager to create some in the same vein once I narrow down my cc stamp purchase to a reasonable amount !!!
I have searched through all of the cc stamps and I cannot locate that beautiful blue pitcher that you have placed above the cabinet. I am afraid you are going to tell me it is a cut-out from some paper you've had for some time.
Please advise! Thank you, Mary in Oregon

Laura Turner said...

Mary, I have been trying to find a copy of that picture to post. I haven't been successful locating it either online or in my stash! We have been in the process of moving from CA to Reno NV for many months now, and as soon as I get settled, I will try to find and post a .jpg for you!

Mary said...

Merci, Laura! Moving can be difficult without being a crafter! I know - hehehe.

Your work is so inspiring. Now I have received two orders of Character Constructions's stamps and it is so much fun to mix and match!

Mary in Oregon