Wednesday, December 26, 2012

After Christmas Decorating

I hope I'm not the only person who keeps putting out Christmas decorations after 
December 25!  I usually start in mid December (just hate to rush through Fall), 
so there is never enough time to do everything I want.  And I love the relaxed 
feeling when the hustle and bustle is over, and my town seems to just 
slow down a bit.  I'm so happy to have a break from my usual routine and
 focus on decorating, which really means enjoying all the beautiful pieces 
that I have accumulated over many years from my grandmother or mother or 
from special times and places.  Some of my life's story and the life stories of so many others
can be told in what I have collected. So I'll just carry on with my "Christmas" decorating and 
remembering and being thankful for the special people and places 
that have been a part of my life.  What nice remembrances.
Mantle and Fireplace in  My Family Room

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