Sunday, December 30, 2012

Crazy for Tom and Jerry Christmas Punch Bowls

I like punch bowls for some crazy reason.  I REALLY like them. 
 I don't make punch, I just like to put stuff in them, like pinecones in 
these two huge pressed glass punch bowls in the 
Slewed Horseshoe pattern from 1908.

   Did you notice I forgot to put pinecones in one--oops!  :-)

Being born and raised in the South, I had never heard of the Christmas drink, Tom and Jerry--
until-- I came upon some peach luster punch cups at a local thrift shop and 
had to have them.  Once in my house, I liked them so much, I went on Ebay and 
bought the punch bowl with stand and more cups (usually filled with ornaments for Christmas, but it absolutely rocks with my Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations).

Knowing of my fascination with this genre of serving dishes, my girlfriend bought me these delicate porcelain cups for Christmas this year, also from a thrift shop (hubby even likes these):

During my after Christmas thrifting this week, I was amazed to find 
the following Tom and Jerry set for 12.00!!!!  (What a way to end 2012)!

And so there it is--the secret is out.  
I LOVE punch bowls.  


Do you love him Loretta said...

Wow! I love your Tom and Jerry sets. I didn't know they were named after a drink...I always wondered about it. I have never come across any at any thrift stores I go to! I ADORE the peach lustre set! I have a whole collection of peach lustre which I display and love! Now I'm going to troll ebay for that bowl!! Thanks for visiting me. I've made crochet flowers too, but didn't do anything with them in the end. Granny squares are good too. I made a bed spread in front of the tv (but it took a year)! To be honest, I took many month long breaks in between. Have a great 2013!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how we can become drawn to something in particular.
Laura, we are nearing the close of 2012 so I want to wish you and yours a happy and healthy New Year and for you, a creatively abundant year.

Debra @ Common Ground said...

I've always loved these bowls and mugs, but didn't know what this was until a few years ago. I checked out the recipe, I think I'd go for the eggnog, myself. This does look perfect for the Fall months. Happy New Year, Laura!

Laura said...

They sure are fun. I wonder how many variations are out there... I had to laugh when I read about your crochet flowers. I just cleaned an armoire in my craft room and found a whole bunch that I made last year and didn't do anything with! lol! I'm going to try a granny square next! Happy New Year to you!

County Line Road said...

Funny. I love punch bowls too! The slewed horseshe is one of my favorites. Just stopped by from Brenda's.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love your vintage Christmas ornies! Gorgeous!

Laura Turner said...

We seem to have an abundance of these at our local thrift shops--well, maybe not an abundance, but one crops up every 8 mos or so. I managed to also find 15 cups in the same pattern. One place had the underplate--but it's huge and they had the entire set for a pretty hefty price.