Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Free Adobe Software and Vegas

I've been away for a while, visiting my sister-in-law and her family who were in Vegas 
for a conference.  Hubby and I had a relaxing drive there and back, enjoyed our family so much, 
and were absolutely amazed at what we saw! While there are plenty of objectionable
 things about Vegas, I chose to focus on the creativity and beauty that really is everywhere. 
It truly is a testimony to creativity.  

And thinking about hitting the jackpot (I actually didn't gamble at all), 
 I discovered an amazing free software download opportunity from Adobe. 
You can now download an old version of their creative suite (CS2), including PhotoShop,
 Illustrator, In-Design, Acrobat and other programs for free from their Web site
This is professional software that costs close to 1000.00 for the new versions.
 I can't wait to download and play. I'm sure I will be looking for free tutorials online. 
Leave me a comment if you know of a good one!

           Get the software.

A few pictures of the Forum Shopping area that connects Bally's, Paris, and Caesar's
--so beautiful!

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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

There is always beauty to be found for those that choose to see it. :)

Happy Weekend!