Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tag Tuesday: Swinging through the Sixties


The Space Race,
The Cold War,
the Cuban Missile Crisis,
                 and I was swinging...
Riots and sit ins,
Vietnam and civil rights,
"We shall overcome."
                 and I was swinging...
John F. Kennedy...
"The President has been shot!"
                 and I was swinging
                 and coloring
                 and learning my ABCs.
Hippies and Mary Jane,
The Beatles,
                 and I was swinging...
Bobby Kennedy,
Martin Luther King,
" giant leap for mankind."
                 and I was taking one small step...

                 and swinging.
                                             -Laura Turner


Anonymous said...

Did you write that? That's beautiful! Lovely tag, too.

Laura Turner said...

I actually did write that. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Your card epitomises what the Swinging 60s was all about.
Although I was born in 1968 so cannot actually say from personal experience lol.
Wishes to you.

Ivy and Elephants said...

I love the card. I remember it well, I was in first grade, and everyone was sent home. My mom was crying. I didn't understand, so I went outside and sat in the swing ...

Aimee at Refresh-Renew... said...

great image! -aimee

Aimee at Refresh-Renew... said...

PS--saw your shaker card was featured at the Dedicated House! Congrats! :o)

Unknown said...

Just letting you know I tagged you in the "6 things about me" post.

Tea in the Library said...

You really captured what it felt like to be a young child in that time. It is a good reminder that where ever there is turmoil and strife there are still children who need a safe place. Swinging is such a perfect word. It creates 2 distinct 60's images - a Sally, Dick, and Jane childhood, and the free love, psychedelic, tear down the establishment culture. Love the silhouette against the tie dye. Again, the perfect juxtaposition. This works on many levels. Girlfriend, don't you ever again tell me you can't write.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Thanks so much for hosting and thanks for your visits!!