Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Perfect Sunday Brunch

Some days, and it's all too rare in this life, but some days are simply perfect. The perfect meeting of food and laughter and family on an early Autumn day that is sunny with just the right amount of crisp coolness in the air. So nice to visit with adult children and their significant others. This is new for hubby and me, and it is really wonderful. 

We made applewood smoked bacon, omelettes, pumpkin cranberry scones, and gluten-free pumpkin pancakes with organic maple syrup. What a sweet surprise greeted me when I cracked the first egg for the pancakes:

And then another and another and another of those surprises as I cracked three more eggs, all telling me this day was going to be special.

I washed some of the most perfect-looking organic fruit and decided it had to go in my circa 1860 antique ironstone tureen.  Hee hee... everyone asked if the fruit was real. It did look quite like a still life! 

What fun it was to pull out my Autumn dishes, Royal Worcester's Evesham, and work in flowers, another antique ironstone piece, some pearl-handled knives, sterling forks and coin silver forks.

After brunch, we had a lovely time visiting and looking at our son's video footage of his underwater adventures in Hawaii. They swam with dolphins and huge turtles--amazing! Reliving the trip was so relaxing that we all felt like napping.  With the warm aromas of food still lingering in the air, and the warm contentment all around, this truly felt like a recaptured Sunday from my childhood at my Grandma's house. I felt older and more settled and able to give to my son what I had been given by the adults in my childhood. This was a perfect Sunday--one I will cherish and bring back as often as I can.


Jann Olson said...

Laura, definitely sounds like a perfect day! Love spending time with our kids too. Your tureen is gorgeous and perfect for the fruit! Your table setting is lovely and the eggs were one surprise after another!

Cathy said...

glad to see you are back blogging. Beautiful table, I have enjoyed pictures Michael has been posting, looks like they had a great time. I remember Grandma Manning always having oatmeal and fresh biscuits for breakfast.

Susan Clayton said...

Sounds like a perfect day.Poignant. And the double yolkers - wow! Have a lovely setting you created and how nice to have that special time with your son. It's an adjustment - adult children , one I struggle with sometimes. It isn't always easy to remember to embrace each phase of life but you captured the joy to be found when we open ourselves to special moments.