Monday, September 15, 2014

Messin' Around with Bailey's Irish Cream Mugs

Life sure gets busy, doesn't it?
I haven't had a lot of "create" time or energy, but I still do mess around with my pretties. 
One of the pretties I've been in love with forever are the Bailey's Irish Cream face mugs.
I just LOVE these things!!!!!!
They're not the greatest to drink from, but I love to display them with a little 
something in the top. Remember these old red pincushions?

This one feels like me on most days... no lipstick and a pencil in my hair!

Everyone needs a partner, so I paired her with a blue pincushion that
 I made with a sweet calico cotton:

I love their flirty expressions. Romance in the air?

The whole display is in my kitchen, and it makes me smile to walk by and 
see them winking at me with their knowing smiles.

Do you have special pretties that bring a smile to your face?

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(I will have Halloween and Christmas projects posted in the future.)


Jann Olson said...

Oh my gosh, how cute! I have never seen or heard of these before. I have so many vintage things that make me smile. :)

Maureen said...

Love to see you blogging again :)

Susan Clayton said...

So happy to have heard from you and see you blogging. You've been in my thoughts and prayers. Hope all is well. You've been missed!