Friday, October 4, 2013

What a Smashing Time We Had!

It was just a matter of time.
Before this happened from my neighbors' yard into my driveway:

It's a miracle that there is only a dent
on the roof 
of my faithful 1996 4-Runner.
No one was injured.
But seriously?????
After my crazy month and a tiny bout with the flu this week.
And my craft group meets TONIGHT at MY house!
-- So happy about that, though :-) --

The fire threat is a more serious concern.  
Several Octobers ago, fire raged all around us and almost made its way to the Reagan Library, 
a place rich with history, beautiful gardens, and serene views.

God blessed us with a surprise rain then.
May He do so again before even one spark has a chance.


Susan Clayton said...

Oh no! Sorry about the 4Runner! Will be praying for rain and for your firefighters. Stay safe.

Laura Turner said...

There's a 40% chance of rain on Wednesday. We wait with anticipation! Thanks for your prayers!