Saturday, October 12, 2013

Inspired Sunday - Best Blog Party Ever!

Were you ever the girl who was afraid to have a party, because you knew you would die if no one came?  

I kept seeing blog parties that just started, got 30 entries on the first event and 300 entries on the second event--parties that got huge, and mine stayed teeny tiny.  
Mine                                                                    Theirs
I had my dear sweet regulars who gave shout outs every week, posted three entries to make it seem like I had more guests (thanks Debbie Dabble, Debbie Ray, Lisa, Brittany, Penny, Aimee, Susan, Jann... and others).  I thought maybe I should just quit.  I considered it strongly. Like last week was going to be my last party!  I was just going to visit your blogs and QUIT HAVING BLOG PARTIES (foot stomp, grunt, two-year old tantrum).

But WOW! This week was crazy! After saying I didn't have time to grow it, I branched out and linked up my paper pumpkin to new parties.  Bloggers saw that the post included a party, and they decided to link up.  Did you, my regular visitors notice the new friends?  I'm SO excited! 
This pic came from found on Google images. It was perfect--
I will take it down if you mind my using it!
This party had SO many diverse posts, it was hard to pick a theme or my favorites! I want
  • a bathtub like the one in Brittany's post
  • a chandelier like Aimee's
  • a tablescape entire house like Sherry's
  • a banner for my typewriter like Jann's-- and a bingo card banner and a witch's boot!
(I actually have that typewriter and a similar boot - just need to finish decorating! And I pinned bingo cards, and I WILL make a banner with them!)  

But the post that made my heart melt every time I looked at it (and still does) is Patti's from Ivy and Elephants:
I have a feeling I am going to be spending a little bit of money to duplicate this look--but maybe not!

While so many of my regular partygoers had absolutely wonderful posts, I wanted to show off the work of some of the newcomers.

Deb, from Lake Girl Paints actually made and painted this beautiful chalkboard-type fall sign. I WANT one! Check out her blog to see a few steps of the process. She really did paint it. Honest!

Another newcomer, Lorraine from Over the Rainebeau shows that she is the queen of beautiful when it comes to crafty things like her "spoolies" and matchboxes. I love what she's done, and I can't wait to make some! She has also posted some wonderful vintage Halloween printables for everyone to download and use!

Jennelise at Jennelise Rose has given us absolutely gorgeous, rich autumn vignettes of roses, jewelry, and Marie Antoinette images with a romantic, perhaps gothic, look.  Her wise and noumenal choice of quotations (I learned this new word today) and exquisite photography alone are enough for a visit.
Next week I will be showing you my Halloween/Autumn decorations and vignettes. I would love to see some of yours in this week's party! Have a great Sunday! And thanks so much for making this the "Best Party Ever!"


Debby Ray said...

Laura, I am so glad that you are keeping the party going! I didn't have any idea you were getting frustrated but I am so happy that your party last week changed your mind! You are one of my strongest encouragers...please read my new post from last night and let me return the favor. I prayed that it might encourage someone...maybe it is you!

Have a super blessed Sunday View!!

Hugs, Debby

Debby Ray said...

I forgot to tell you thank you for mentioning me in your post...thank you, sweet lady :)

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I am so glad that you did not give up on the party!! And didn't I tell you to get out there and tell more people that you have a party??? I find the same thing with comments. the more I comment, the more comments I get in return. So happy for the turn out and invite more people to join in on this great party, my friend!!


Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I'm happy you keep the party going on. I understand how frustrating it could have been for you that it wasn't growing, but at least I could go through the links... With some other parties, I feel a bit lost! The links from the new friends are amazing.

Unknown said...

Just so you know, I visit every Sunday, but I don't really have projects to link up that fit the scope of the party. I still love to look around! I'll link up my shirt refashioning now, even though it isn't perfectly vintage. :)

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

I am so happy that you are not giving up! Your party is fun no matter the size. Mine is not huge, and really I kind of like it. Still manageable for visiting all of the links. Having 300 would be impossible. I appreciate your shout out of me and I love all of the new comer features! I have wanted to make a Halloween spoolie. I did the Easter spoolie swap and it was fun. Darn, missed out on the Halloween one. Maybe I'll find time to make one after this next week is over. Pretty hectic schedule. Happy to be joining in!

Jennelise said...

Thankyou for featuring my post Laura! I'm so happy your party was a success! I will definitely be back. :) Happy Thanksgiving here in Canada! Hope you're having a marvellous weekend!
Jennelise xo

Ivy and Elephants said...

Laura, thank you SOOOOOO much for the feature, I am thrilled and always happy to be a part of your party! I find your talent and creativity just amazing! Thanks again, love you to the moon and back!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Don't give up on the party, sometimes small means faithful. All of a sudden, it will happen.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for hosting! I am a new Follower of your blog. Have a great week.

Tea in the Library said...

I always love Be Inspired Sundays. I preferred to think of them as 'Select'. Over the rainebeu is one of those blogs I gravitate to again and again. You guys will definitely inspire each other. There are so many great looking posts ... I am never getting to my paper work (I can hear the accountants teeth grinding now) and forget doing anything of my own - I'm in admiration overload. Thank you for hosting!

Anonymous said...

Yay Laura! I am so happy for you!!Great party! {and btw, I liked your small intimate party as well! It's what kept me coming back! :o)

Laura Turner said...

Thanks so much you guys! You're the best! I really worried that you might think it unworthy of your time if it stayed so small. I will try to keep it just the right size--maybe 50 tops? (If it ever gets that big! :-)

Nancy said...

I found you via Cozy Little House. You are so funny. Love your blog, and I'm following you now. Also will link up. Be encouraged. Hugs, Nancy