Sunday, June 23, 2013

I went to the Antiques Roadshow and Inspired Sunday

So late on my Inspired Sunday post, but I spent the entire Saturday at the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW! My friend entered for tickets, and her name was picked! I had been waiting for months for this big day.  We got up early and drove to the Anaheim Convention Center. It was quite exhausting to stand on hard cement floor for hours on end but it was so much fun to see what unusual items people had brought:
Me on the way in.

We could take pictures while in line. Of course, I had left my memory card in my computer, so my friend took the pictures. Once we entered a particular area, we had to turn off all cameras and phones.

We had a lovely time together...
Laura and Lisa

BUT when I got to the silver table, the "experts" were very young and right away mine told me that I knew more about my silver than he did!!!  After months of waiting and hours of standing on hard concrete, that's not what I wanted to hear!!!  My silver appraised at what I had imagined, perhaps slightly more on one item (silver christening cup for $1000.00), but I have to say, I was there for the experience, and the lack of enjoyment or enthusiasm from my experts compared to that of the older seasoned experts and the experts at the other tables was noticeable. In fact, my guy was British (and there is a bit of rivalry or "attitude" between collectors of American and British silver), and after his two- minute review and reiterating that I knew more than he did, he excused himself saying "I've really got to go to the loo!"

Besides wonderful company, the really redeeming element for me was the "feedback booth."  It's where they film the quick clips that they put on at the end of the show. Not feeling very enthusiastic about the experience, I reluctantly went in because my friend wanted to. We had to sign a release to be on TV if chosen, and we had two minutes to say whatever we wanted. We could hold up an item, and as I was unwrapping my christening cup, the camera man exclaimed "I LOVE that cup."  I said something like, yeah, it's dated 1853. He said "that's 160 years old.  I LOVE that cup."  He got it! Then he rolled camera, and we said something.  As we were walking out, I asked him if he knew silver, and lo and behold, he was a silver appraiser. He APPRECIATED it.  He was enthusiastic. We had that special bond between people who appreciate the uniqueness and beauty and story of something from history, something owned. loved, cherished, and made by hand.  That's the experience I had hoped for, and that's the whole reason behind why I collect antiques. 

What inspired you this week?

Sherry from The Charm of Home made these absolutely wonderful polymer clay tags!  I can see so many decorative and packaging uses for these. She did a LOVELY job!

Denise from Denise on a Whim did a wonderful paint job on this Victorian table:

Michelle from The Day Before This Day made this gorgeous tote inspired by vintage crochet. All her bags are to die for! :-)

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And now, let's see what inspires you this week!  
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Dawn@ We Call It said...

Hi Laura, That's exciting that you got to go! But a bummer that your appraiser wasn't very "into it". Glad the cameraman was, at least. Maybe we'll see you on TV! Take care - Dawn

Salmagundi said...

We went to Antique Roadshow in Denver a couple of years ago - had the same experience. I knew more about my Indian baskets than the appraiser -- but it was fun anyway! Thanks for hosting today. Sally

Michelle McCoy said...

I am glad you were able to talk to someone who "got it" after all!

Thank you so much for featuring my Tote!

Kelli Becton said...

thank you for hosting - linking up my paper craft for the 4th

Cissy Prestage said...

Wow! I'm so glad you got to finally talk to a "Real" silver guy!
Michie TN is in McNairy Co. and about 10 miles north of Corinth, MS. I'm originally from Memphis which is about an hour west of me. Do you still live in TN?
Thanks for the sweet comment you left. I know I'm going to have a blast and I'm so grateful for the opportunity!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your words of support and encouragement as I continue on my weight loss journey....
I just ignored the fact that I was gaining weight and did not allow pics to be taken of myself. Worst mistake because in my mind's eye, i looked way different then pictures showed.....


Susan Clayton said...

Every post is great! I know this party will grow, grow, grow, but right now I'm enjoying the intimacy and feeling like I've got plenty of time to visit with the participants. Thank you so much for hosting. Always a pleasure to visit - even if I haven't linked up.