Saturday, June 15, 2013

Inspired Sunday: Vintage Maps

If you've spent much time on Pinterest lately or looked at 
trendy catalogs, you'll see that maps have become a popular design item for home furnishings and stationery. 
I was fortunate to find a whole stash at an estate sale.  

We were told that the owner had recently passed away at 90 yrs of age and was a single woman who was in the CIA. There were maps of the US and countries all over the world.

She had written on the outside:

The oldest map I found is this one from 1925 of the 
Washington D.C. area:

I just couldn't cut these up for a craft.  So I haven't. But I was fortunate to find these maps from the 60s and 70s a few 
weeks ago - ten cents each!

The red, white, and blue map on the left reminded me of the Fourth of July. It was torn, so I didn't feel bad about cutting it up.  I picked patterns that I liked and cut little 
banners and a center medallion piece and made this card:

I will make more of this style and change the sentiment 
and the characters  in the middle as appropriate
 for the occasion.


This week, Susan at Eclectic Shorebird was inspired to make this cute cake topper out of a vintage card:

Sally at Salamagundi was inspired to recreate a vintage- 
style seed box. Check out her blog to read why she was 
inspired--lovely history.

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Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Those maps are quite a find and think of all the fun you will have coming up with ways to use and craft with them!! A 90 y/o lady who worked for the CIA!!! Now how cool and interesting is that!!

Thanks so much for hosting!!

Wishing you a great week!


Maureen Rauchfuss said...

Love the banner made from the maps - looks great!!

The Charm of Home said...

What a great stash of maps! I love the card you made it is just adorable! Thank you for inviting me over and thank you for hosting!

Tea in the Library said...

Great post! Thank you for featuring me! In the middle of 2 hectic weeks - graduations, college visits, and a construction project. Angels to you!

Lynn Stevens said...

Score Laura, Only 10 cents. WOOOHOOOO

You can always take copies of the older ones. How interesting she worked for the CIA> I wounder what all the notes mean? Hum
Hugs Lynn